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Since I can remember I've been a dreamer. Always thinking about 'what's next'. Between that natural urge to create and having vision for darn near everything I was also blessed into a project family. My first taste of construction was when I was just a few years old, my grandparents built their farm (now my family's home) I loved visiting the site and watching my poppa, dad and uncles work. I got my creative spirit from my mom, growing up she was always painting or creating something out of nothing! It truly runs in the family; her mother, my maternal grandma, is an upholsterer! Throughout my childhood my parents had some rental properties, it seemed were were always painting somewhere, replacing flooring or doing an edition on our own home, and eventually building our acreage property. It was no surprise to anyone that I would enter a creative field and being involved in the home industry was a clear winner in my books. I have never regretted that choice. I love taking spaces that do not work and tackling both the artistic side and technical aspects of creating beautiful and functional spaces for people! It's a beautiful balance of left brain and right brain that keeps me addicted to this industry! 

Designing since 2012. 
Accredited Interior Design Technologist & 
certified Kitchen and bath specialist 

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