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Some projects are spurred from a place of need. This accessible washroom was one such project. With declining mobility a fully wheel chair accessible washroom was required. The owners had the idea of replacing their main floor office and two piece washroom with one large washroom, but once they started digging into the requirements for wheelchairs, their reached out to me for expert help. I was able to come up with a plan that met CAS standards, allows for wheel chair turning in multiple locations, a barrier free full shower, complete with height adjusted controls, comfort height toilet, appropriate grab bars, and  barrier free sink. Each detail was completed to hold onto independence. Finishes were selected to match the existing traditional style throughout the rest of the house. 

sand 7.jpg
sandomirsky 1.jpg
sandomirsky 2.jpg
sand 3.jpg
Shower Pan Barrier Free.JPG
sand 5.jpg
sand before.jpg
sand after.jpg

Layout Before 

Layout After 


I always try to be transparent in a world of Insta finishes and perfectly edited images. These are the realities of renovations. Things get worse before they get better and living through these interruptions is part of the process. 

sand during.jpg


sandomirsky 4.jpg
before 1.jpg
before 2.jpg
before 4.jpg
before 3.jpg
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