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It's long been said that kitchen's are the heart of the home. So I ask you this pondering; what roll does cabinetry play within the kitchen? While there are other factors there's no arguing that cabinetry is both the main functionality & aesthetic decision in which all else is based. With that said, my goal is to offer quality, customizable cabinetry locally; I bring to you Hinge. 


Introducing Hinge: 

Hinge cabinetry & Millwork is creating a product I can whole heartedly recommend, with superior box construction, extensive hardware and drawer options, unique interior print choices, endless door profiles & finishes. Beyond a great product they are easy to work with, and have quick response times. Hinge is based in Saskatoon, with their boxes and many door lines made right in house, an advantage they have over large companies that are often manufactured out of province or country, greatly cutting down lead times. Owners Deyton and Heng have backgrounds in Engineering, putting their skills to good use with every aspect of the manufacturing process, they are truly passionate about every project that comes out of their shop. Make sure to visit the Hinge website for more information, and a gallery of their works. 

Hinge Designs - Saskatoon Kitchen & Bath Design & Cabinetry

Samples and quoting available at the Bird's Nest. Book your free initial consolation, or stop by the shop to chat all things cabinetry, 

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