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The homeowner, single mom of two teen boys desperately needed her onw space. the family of three shared one dysfunctional bathroom, the goal was to create two full separate bathrooms. One for the boys complete with a full tub/shower combo, storage, a second with a standing shower, and closet space. she couldn't figure out how to possibly make all of this happen within the tight existing footprint, and a chimney stack to contend with. When she reached out to me. I was able to come up with the perfect layout, and find the perfect spa like fixtures for her zen retreat. 


The Birds Nest 7.jpg
The Birds Nest 8.jpg
The Birds Nest 11.jpg
hoffart - existing.JPG
hoffart - cons.JPG

Layout After

Layout Before

The Birds Nest 2.jpg
The Birds Nest 1.jpg



Hoffart BEFORE 4.png
Hoffart BEFORE 3.png
Hoffartt BEFORE 2.png
Hoffart BEFORE.png
Hoffart BEFORE 4.png
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