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Home Inspections - About the Industry

Did you know that in Canada Home Inspectors are an unregulated profession? So what does that mean? That means that when you hire a Home Inspector it is crucial to do your research an be sure you are hiring someone with the proper education and certification. The vast majority of Home Inspectors do not belong to a regulatory body, do not have a clear code of ethics they are bound to, and have had no formal training. Scary right? When I learned this, I immediately wanted to change that. As an Interior Design Technologist who has spent my career specializing in renovation and addition construction, all of my design work starts with a pre-renovation inspection to assess what issues we may have to address in the process. I have found way too may properties with structural walls improperly removed, dangerous electrical conditions, and generally unsafe DIY jobs. I always ask "did you have a home inspection?" and to my surprise when clients would answer "yes of course!" I am flabbergasted each time that these conditions weren't brought to their attention. Learning that the industry is unregulated made a world of sense, and it immediately became my goal to raise this awareness and bring increased accreditation to the industry. 

In Canada there are only two associations in which a Home Inspector can become Certified. InterNACHI (International  Association of Certified Home Inspectors) and CAPHI (Canadian Association of Professional Home Inspectors). Both associations require passing two parts to become certified. The first part involves taking classes covering everything from structural, roofing (standard sloped and flat roofs), electrical, mechanical, plumbing, foundations and basements, insulation and vapor barrier, water intrusion, decks/ balconies/porches, chimneys and fireplaces/stoves, ethics and standards of practice. Each area of study includes previous building methods, current standards, building code, safety issues and how to properly perform these inspections using non-invasive methods. After completing these course sections to become certified you must also pass an all inclusive final exam. Once part one is complete you must complete mock inspections, that are then reviewed by the respective association. Once complete a Home Inspector is then certified and receives their member Numbers. All certified Home Inspectors will be searchable by name on the InterNACHi and CAPHI webpages. I'm proud to be able to say that I have competed InterNACHI's Certification process and am in the process of becoming double certified; currently working on my CAPHI accreditation as well. I have passed my CAPHI Nation Exam, and hold a Candidate membership as I complete my mentorship program and work towards my NCH (National Certificate Holder) Designation. 

I am excited to now be offering Home Inspections throughout Northeast Saskatchewan! I'm based in Hudson Bay, Sk. with no mileage charge for local clients.  Time is money in real estate! With the power of modern technology, there should be no wait times for reporting. I am able to send Inspection reports before I leave the property! Utilizing the latest software, I am able to send reports via PDF on site. with any images and videos right in the report; long gone are the days of waiting for inspection reports. Buyers/and or agents are more than welcome to join me in an inspection, if a picture is worth a thousand words, what's the value for seeing yourself! 

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